Probation or Parole Violations

Probation is a penalty assigned to someone who has been found guilty of a crime. Probation is court ordered, which means that if you violate the terms set for you, you have committed another crime. The court will view any violation of the terms and conditions of probation as a new crime. It’s is very important that you contact Attorney Dieringer immediately so that she can help you build a strong case to prevent your probation from being revoked. If the court finds that you have violated probation, it could lead to severe consequences, including time in jail.

There is a difference between probation and parole. Parole occurs when someone is released from jail with terms and conditions to follow. These terms and conditions can be quite similar and to probation, but there are legal distinctions. In either case, having an experienced attorney to help you navigate potential penalties for violations is vital.

Attorney Dieringer is an exceptional criminal defense attorney and will aggressively defend your probation or parole revocation.

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