After you receive a ticket or are arrested for DUI or DWAI, you may have only 7 days to defend your driving privileges.

A DUI is the most serious traffic misdemeanor offense related to drinking and driving in Colorado. The arrest can be a frightening experience. If you wish to discuss your case and explore all of your legal options, call Dieringer Law at 719-550-9177. At Dieringer Law, I can explain your options and together we can develop a plan for dealing with the charges.

Colorado has some of the toughest DUI laws in the U.S. and the laws and penalties are getting increasingly harsh.

In Colorado, if you are caught with a blood alcohol content (BAC) above .08 percent, you will be charged with a DUI. There are two separate cases created when you are charged with a DUI. First the Department of Motor Vehicles will likely revoke your license and ask if you wish to have a hearing. There is a time limit regarding asking for a hearing, usually 7 days. Second the Criminal DUI case. The DMV license revocation and the criminal DUI case have different timelines. If convicted you could face the following penalties:

  1. License Suspension: a DUI conviction will cause a license revocation in Colorado. If you have had several DUI convictions previously, you could lose your license for up to five years.
  2. Mandatory Ignition Interlock device: You will be responsible for the cost of installing ignition interlock as well as paying a monthly fee for keeping the device in your vehicle.
  3. Fines: The fine for a first-time DUI is between $600 and $1,000. However if you have several DUI convictions, the fines increase. There are also Court costs and surcharges for every driving conviction.
  4. Jail: Whether you are ordered to jail by the Court depends a great deal on how high your BAC was, whether you were involved in an accident and if you have had any DUI or DWAI previously.
  5. Community service and alcohol education classes are required if convicted of a drinking and driving offense.

With the above penalties in mind, it is vitally important to work with Dieringer Law to fight the charges against you. I will use defense strategies to minimize jail time, avoid or reduce fines, and attempt to save your driving privileges.

DWAI: Driving While Ability Impaired is charged when your blood alcohol content is greater than .05 and less than .08. The above penalties are relatively similar, however are dependent upon a number of issues.

DUID: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs is charged the police suspect you have been using drugs and driving a vehicle. There are many drugs which can be considered for a DUID, including, but not limited to, marijuana, opioids, sleeping pills, and numerous other drugs.

If you are facing DUI charges, call Dieringer Law for a free, expert DUI consultation. We are available 24/7 for legal assistance. You can trust us to help get your life back together with affordable, highly skilled representation. Call Attorney Dieringer at 719-550-9177.

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