Domestic Violence

At Dieringer Law, Attorney Dieringer has extensive experience litigating domestic violence cases. Attorney Dieringer will effectively fight your domestic violence charge, protect your rights and help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Domestic violence charges are extremely serious. You need Attorney Dieringer on your side to offer experience and aggressive representation in your defense. Call (719) 550-9177.

There are many different criminal acts that are considered domestic violence. A crime committed between couples or those who have been involved in an intimate relationship can result in domestic violence charges.

In domestic violence cases, police officers are required to make an arrest if there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. Domestic violence is not a criminal charge in itself. It is an enhancer to another offense, such as assault or menacing.

Alleged victims of domestic violence cannot drop the charges. Once the charges are filed, only the prosecutor may dismiss the charges. When you have the right criminal defense attorney, you can challenge many charges of domestic violence and that can minimize your consequences. Attorney Dieringer is the one who understands the legal system and its many twists and turns.

A charge of domestic violence means you must relinquish control of firearms and ammunition in your possession. In order to legally satisfy this requirement, you will be required to either:

a. sell or transfer their interest to a federally licensed firearms dealer;

b. arrange for the storage of the firearm or ammunition by a law enforcement agency; or

c. sell or transfer the firearm or ammunition to a private party who may legally possess the firearms or ammunition.

After the case is concluded, there are lasting consequences of these charges. If you have plead guilty or are found guilty of a domestic violence charge, pursuant to the Lautenberg Amendment, you will be prevented for your lifetime to possess a firearm. This can be particularly devastating fo rlaw enforcement and military personnel.

Dieringer Law is committed to providing clients with skilled and aggressive representation in order to achieve the best possible results.

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